Understanding the Various Types of Bikes


When you are shopping for a bike you will ask yourself a couple of questions. Who you ride with, the bike you rode in the past that you either liked or disliked and what you would like to do with your new bike is what the questions will be.  Riding with friends will require you to acquire a similar bike with theirs as the terrains you will ride on will be similar and bikes have different capabilities. Road bikes are great on very smooth roads so that they can be driven quickly.  The tires are delicate and thin while the handlebars are ‘drop’.  They are light and best on pavements but if not used on pavements people find it unstable and uncomfortable.  These bikes cannot be used to carry heavy loads.

The next bike being reviewed is the Cylocross bicycle at inflationzone.com. They can be used on different kinds of roads making them a special kind of road bike.  It can be ridden on paved, unpaved, grass or glass roads.  The same ‘drop’ handlebars as road bikes are a characteristic of these bikes.  The tires are wider for a better off road traction.  This bike has a special kind of brake system to prevent mud build up in the frame.  They are a favorite of many because they are versatile, durable and they can carry light loads.  The other kind of road bikes are touring bikes.  Besides from being made to be used on pavements they are used for long distance riding. Drop handlebars are designed to increase comfort ability. For cargo racks and fenders, they have mounting bolts.

The next type is the Triathlon trial bicycles.  Aerodynamic properties are maximized in their design.  The handlebars have a design that requires one to crouch thus overcoming wind resistance and this is a major aerodynamic property.  These bikes tend to have a staggered start and it can delay people, therefore, they cannot be used for mass races.  The major advantages of road bikes which are lightweight, flat or upright handlebars and relatively narrow tires for efficiency when riding on pavements are the same for Flat-Bar Road Bicycles.  For those people who want high performance without drop handlebars then this bike is great for them.  They can be used on unpaved roads as some accommodate wider tires and can be mounted with cargo racks and fenders making them great for commuting. For additional facts and information about bikes, you can go to http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2017/05/12/inside-africa-stellenbosch-the-mountain-biking-mecca-of-africa-a.cnn/video/playlists/middle-east/.

Mountain Bicycles are made to be ridden on rough off road trails.   Riding on steep areas is made possible by the flat or upright handlebars and the low gear range.  Read roadmaster granite peak review here!


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